8 Senior Exercises Ideas Anyone Can Do

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Are you struggling to look for senior exercise ideas and aren’t sure where to start?

One of the most common misconceptions about starting an exercise program is the amount of effort it takes to start seeing benefits from exercising.

A few minutes of physical activity every day can greatly improve your health and increase life expectancy.

According to Harvard Health, from only 1-2 minutes of exercise per day, the elderly had a reduction of risk for brittle bones.

So dance, jump, hop and move your way to stronger bones and mitigate risks for broken bones from falls!

Best way to integrate exercise into a daily lifestyle is to find a few activities you can look forward to and enjoy.

Here’s a list of fun senior exercise ideas anyone at any age can do:

Brisk Walking

Take a walk around the block or to the park and get the heart pumping. Enjoy the fresh air and even play some music along the journey too.

old couple walking hand and hand

Grab a buddy or significant other and go on after dinner walks to discuss the day, future plans, news or ideas you may have.

Use walking to better the health of the family dog!

Add extra walks into their routine or make them longer and both of you will get some great benefits from being more active.

Go online and search walking or hiking trails to switch up your walking scenery from time to time and experience nature.

Find the trail best suited for your physical capabilities and don’t hesitate to choose the beginner trails.

If the weather is too humid or if your neighborhood isn’t very walkable, consider driving to the nearest mall and walk around inside.

Window shop, go up and down stairs and the best part is that you’ll always have a bathroom and water nearby.

If your schedule is packed and finding time to add in a walking routine is tough, start parking further away from work, stores, doctors offices, etc to get in extra steps without taking up a chunk of time out of your day.

Remember to choose shoes with proper foot support and that fit your foot type. Picking the right pair of shoes can prevent sore feet and injuries.

Don’t hang onto an old pair! Ideally, it’s best to replace walking shoes at least every 6 months.


Doing light housework is a great unexpected senior exercise idea that can burn a lot of unexpected calories. Here are some ways to have an extra squeaky clean house and reap some cardiovascular benefits at the same time.

Did you know washing the floors for 30 minutes can burn almost 200 calories? Or vacuuming for 30 minutes can burn 119?


Take a look at this great list from shape.com and discover other calorie-burning chores you can do around the house.


Swimming is gentle on the joints and a safe and effective senior exercise idea.

Even if your house doesn’t have a pool there are ways to get into swimming. Search out any natural springs, lakes or state parks nearby which offer water activities or even check to see if there are any public pools available.

If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach, be mindful of the surf which is usually posted, stay near a lifeguard and take on a morning swim.

Have a friend that has a pool or lives in a community with one? Encourage them to meet up a few times a week to exercise and catch up with each other.

Step up your swimming routine & consider joining a water aerobics class at a local gym like the YMCA.

Most gyms offer a free day or week pass to try out their classes and other equipment.

It might also help you find more senior exercise ideas or spark your interest in other low impact classes you might enjoy.


Bicycling is a favorite senior exercise idea among many because of its versatility. It can easily be a low or high impact activity that gets your heart rate up but doesn’t put wear and tear on your joints and body.

A lot of bike manufacturers build bikes just for seniors so it’s a good idea to head to a local bike shop and get a bike fitted perfectly for your needs.

Bike to meet up with friends, for fun, or to run errands.

You’ll be surprised how often you may want to skip getting in the car to go somewhere when a bike can be so much more fun and great for the body and mind.


Whether you take dance classes at your local community center or dance around in your living room, dancing is an aerobic workout and can improve your balance.

If looking for a fitness class centered around dancing for your senior exercise idea, search for cardio dance classes. Most instructors offer a modification of moves and make it known to take the class at your own pace.

Everyone will be at different fitness levels in the class and that’s ok and perfectly normal.


Yoga is all about listening to your body and why it’s a perfect choice for a senior exercise idea. It can also help if dealing with limited mobility, arthritis, stress and even depression. 

If starting yoga for the first time or if your muscle tone and flexibility are limited, it’s recommended that you start with the Hatha practice.

There are many forms of yoga to try and available to get a great workout at no matter the fitness level that you’re at.

Consider, searching for a local yoga studio and asking about what kind of classes they offer for seniors.


Beautify your lawn by planting and tending to flowers or start a small garden. As you’re weeding, digging, hoeing and planting, it could equate to burning hundreds of calories and getting the needed cardiovascular burn for the day. A perfect senior exercise idea for those with a green thumb.

Exercise Videos

The internet is an amazing place to find different senior exercise ideas and offers access to millions of free exercise videos.

Search for exercise videos for seniors or get more specific and look up low impact workouts, yoga, chair exercises and more.

Workout at home in any room of the house with the added ability to rewind and pause the workout.

Find Any Routine

It doesn’t matter which exercises you do, just as long as it can be implemented into your daily life for ideally 30 minutes a day but anything helps.

When looking for senior exercise ideas, think outside the box, have fun and go for anything that can be done on a consistent basis.

Switch out exercises and try a variety of them to keep the routine fresh and interest strong.

Make fitness just as important as other daily basic functions such as eating and sleeping.

Your health will thank you.

As with starting any exercise program, it’s advised to speak to a doctor about it first about it.

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