Safe Driving for Seniors: How to Stay Independent for Longer

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Safe driving for seniors can be a sticky subject. As we age, we want to remain as independent as possible and be able to drive when & where we want to on our terms.

Becoming a senior does not mean it’s no longer ok to drive but what it does mean is that it’s important to pay closer attention to your driving ability.

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Safety Alerts for Seniors: Choosing a Medical Alert System

A concern of seniors with getting a safety alert is the fear of losing their independence. This is the easiest myth to debunk.

Alerts aren’t only for seniors but for people of all ages with certain health conditions, for people at greater risks for falling or for anyone living alone for extra safety.

Alert systems can provide a reliable safeguard to help the elderly to continue to live on their own or with minimal assistance for many more years than if they didn’t have one.

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Tips on Dating After 60: Looking for Companionship

Dating after 60 can seem overwhelming but entering the dating scene can make anyone feel uneasy regardless of age.

If you’re 60 or older and went through a divorce, widowed or maybe love hasn’t found you yet, there’s still companionship out there for you.

Age shouldn’t put a limit on when you should stop looking for love. You are never too old to find someone new, be happy or to seek passion.

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